Salus populi suprema lex . Marcus Tullius Cicero

Publications and commentaries in media
1 Video Marathon: Region elects a new authorities
2 Press Conference: Construction of gas networks
3 NERC develops Сodes that strengthen regional gas monopoly
4 The public is ready to prevent the monopolization of the construction of gas networks market through court
5 NGOs supported local people whose public interest was neglected while farm construction on their territory
6 Restricting access to information
7 Press Conference: Brutal violation of public rights to participate in decision making process while farm construction in Dnipropetrovsk region
8 A new public information accounting system worth UAH 75 thous will be established in Lviv Regional State Administration
9 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is reluctant to establish public information accounting system
10 The housing information is public for people of Lviv