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Meeting of Public council of the State Agency of Environmental investments (SAEI)
Thursday, 29 September 2011 20:38

Meeting of the Public Council of the SAEI was attended by representatives of public and SAEI on September 27, 2011.

Issues discussed at the meeting concerned the 1) actions of Ukraine in the improvement of national accounting (inventory) of greenhouse gas emissions (representative of SAEI – Mr. Varga I.I. took part in the discussion of the issue); 2) development of the National Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change in Ukraine (information about the development of the draft document presented by a responsible person of SAEI - Ms I. Trofimova); 3) Working plan of the Public Council of SAEI.

Improvement of national accounting (inventory) of greenhouse gas emissions

First Deputy Chairman of SAEI - Varga I.I. reported that in 2011 Ukraine submitted inventory of greenhouse gas emissions for 1990-2008 to the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). A number of comments and problematic issues on the inventory were expressed by the experts of the UNFCCC Secretariat. Ukraine submitted an explanation to the secretariat on the existing information in the inventory.

The main defects of the inventory expressed by UN experts, concerned issues of transparency, lack of methodology for calculation of emissions in some sectors (such as land use, forest sector), restricted access to the information on the emissions of some enterprises, absence of energy balance in Ukraine, lack of scientific research data. SAEI’s representative said that the inventory for 1990-2009 has significant improvements.

The decision of the Compliance Committee of the UNFCCC (Bonn, August, 2011) includes that the accounting system of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Ukraine is not fully in compliance with UN standards on GHG emissions accounting. Thus Ukraine will have to develop a plan to eliminate the deficiencies of the inventory system within six months, according to the first deputy chairman of the SAEI.

Issues of developing the National Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change in Ukraine

Representatives of SAEI reported that currently the SAEI works on drafting the National Plan of Adaptation to climate change.

The public is invited to participate in public discussion of the draft of the National Action Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change, and to raise public awareness on climate change adaptation issues in the regions of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine ordered to develop a national plan of adaptation to climate change and identify sources of funding for adaptation. The state representative noted that  there aren’t relevant funds for climate change adaptation issues, as well as necessary seminars in the sphere. The experience of European countries (for example, Germany) shows that funding of adaptation measures are envisaged in the state budget. Thus in order to develop and implement adaptation plans the cooperation with more experienced and progressive in this area, countries that carry out researches on the feasibility and effectiveness of certain measures would be very useful for Ukraine (the experience of Germany may be very positive in this direction, according to spokeswoman Ms. Irina Trofimova). In 2013, the EU will develop an overall strategy for adaptation to climate change, and it makes sense for Ukraine cooperate in this area with the EU.


The question of financing in Ukraine is critical because of the lack of budget funds. SAEI managed to negotiate with the Japanese side on the financing of adaptation measures (amounting to 540 thousand Euros) from the funds received from international emissions trading for greenhouse gases, as announced by Representative of SAEI Trofimova I.

Examples of measures that will be included in the adaptation plan are the following: construction of dams, measures against erosion, measures against heat waves, measures in energy sector due to the destruction of power lines, etc.

The control over the implementation of the adaptation plan will be carried by SAEI as the state authorities will submit implementation reports to the SAEI.

Members of public (Expert Advisory Center "Legal Analytics", Lviv) expressed concern that without effective control over the implementation of the adaptation plan, clear sanctions in case of inaction on implementing specific adaptation measures by authorized entities, taking into account absence of the relevant state budget funding and low awareness among citizens and government representatives in this field, effective implementation of the adaptation plan in Ukraine is rather questionable.

Members of the public (Ecoclub, Rivne, NGO Working Group on Climate Change), also expressed concerns about Ukraine's position on reducing greenhouse gases, as proclaimed goal of Ukraine - minus 20% relatively to 1990 emission level means that Ukraine has to develop faster than China to achieve such an index, so in reality this goal shows that Ukraine has no intention to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the national level. If Ukraine has made concessions on its position to reduce emissions and declare more ambitious goals to reduce emissions at the international level - it could try to access certain funds to finance adaptation measures in Ukraine that would be a good example for neighboring countries - Russia, Belarus or others.[1]

Discussion of the work plan of the Public council SAEI for the second part of 2011

Chairman of the Public council (Kurulenko S.) proposed to organize a roundtable with representatives of SAEI, scientists, media and members of the public council before negotiations on climate change in Durban (South Africa) in December 2011. Representatives of the Public council supported the proposal.

The following working plan of the Public council for the second half of 2011 adopted as a basis:

1. Discussion the issue of the development of carbon market in Ukraine - cooperation with the EU.

2. The Ukraine's position for international negotiations on climate change.

3. National Action Plan on Environmental Protection to 2015 (monitoring of implementation).

4. Discussion of the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 206, relating to joint implementation projects.

5. The outcomes of international negotiations in Durban.

6. Drawing up a working plan of the Public Council for 2012.

[1] This position is not shared by the SAEI and all members of the public in Ukraine, who describes it as not beneficial for Ukraine.