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Emissions trading scheme and Ukraine
Thursday, 18 August 2011 23:03

euUkraine is planning to develop and establish emissions trading scheme (ETS) like the one operating in the European Union. Within this process Policy Officer from the European Commission/EU Emissions trading system and outreach to third countries, Ms. Jill Duggan, visited Ukraine and held the meetings on the development and implementation of emissions trading system in Ukraine with governmental officials and independent experts. Representative of the Expert Advisory Center “Legal Analytics” (EACLA) was honored to be invited for the meeting to present independent expert view on establishment and operation of ETS in Ukraine. EACLA prepared and presented information on important aspects of the introduction of emissions trading scheme in Ukraine (the document can be found at the following link.

Representative of the European Commission stressed that for the Ukrainian emissions trading system to be connected to the European Union emissions trading scheme (and those are the plans of the government of Ukraine) ambitious goals for setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions should be set by Ukraine, the rules of ETS transparency, greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and verifying have to be developed, verifying procedures should be independent, emissions verification standards of the EU ETS should be implemented in Ukraine. A proper legal framework is required for ETS to be introduced in Ukraine.