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Initiation of public discussion of the issue "Ukrainians for referendum"
Sunday, 08 December 2013 21:34

logo.enExpert Advisory Centre "Legal Analytics" initiated a public discussion of the possibility of a referendum in Ukraine in order to find ways to resolve the current situation in Ukraine and discuss the direct exercising of power by the people of Ukraine and the ability to influence governmental decision-making by citizens of Ukraine. Indeed, it may be the only legitimate way to resolve еру situation during Euromaidan in Ukraine.

The discussion is initiated in the social network Facebook in the Group "Ukrainians for referendum".  Please join the discussion to actualize the issue of direct democracy in the society, and among peaceful protesters. The urgency of this issue is connected with hopelessness of Euromaidan participants because of the absence of an action plan for the meeting, or so-called "plans" of opposition leaders that seem to be slogans that lead to nowhere. Therefore, despite the fact that the discussion group is not initiated by either the authorities or the opposition or political leaders, but by ordinary citizens, human rights activists, representatives of civil society, but it may have potential and resources to offer public real mechanisms to influence the state authorities. Since this is the essence of direct democracy...

It should be noted that in some developed countries referendums are held several or even more times a year on all matters of public interest, including those on local matters. In Ukraine, when the governmental decisions and actions have become of considerable public interest and have collected hundreds of thousands of citizens, for some reason a way to solve the situation and promote dialogue are not offered by political leaders or opposition. Perhaps lawyers, human rights activists, civil society members, leaders and citizens will be able to initiate and bring an attention to the issues of the possibility of public participation in state policy realization through the mechanism of direct democracy, called referendum...

For more information, to express your ideas, views and suggestions, please contact Mariana Bulgakova, director of Expert Advisory Centre "Legal Analytics»,, 032-2257718, P.O.Box 3060, Lviv, 79017.