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Development of greenhouse gases monitoring legislation in Ukraine
Monday, 22 April 2013 20:13

neia On April 19, 2013 a regular meeting of the Working group on drafting a regulation of anthropogenic emissions and removals of greenhouse gases took place.

A draft Law of Ukraine "On some issues of organizing of monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions" was presented during the meeting. Present members of the Working group were invited to prepare comments and proposition to the bill for its completion, submission to the subject of legislative initiative and its subsequent adoption.

During the work of the group in 2012 the laws on carbon market and basic principles of the state policy in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation were discussed, but these laws have not been adopted.

Among the obstacles on the way to climate change policy development in Ukraine the State Environmental Investment Agency (SEIA) named the lack of certainty at the international level in this field. During the meeting representatives of the SEIA expressed opinions about the lack of baseline data in Ukraine for establishment of GHG emissions market, so it was decided to start drafting a law on monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions.

It should be emphasized that climate change policy at the national level is not dependent on international policy as much to hinder the development of national legislation on GHG emission reduction, or global climate change mitigation and adaptation. Moreover slow development of legislation is indicator of lack of ambitious political intentions in this area, because it is possible to reduce emissions at national levels, regardless of international obligations in this area, and citizens of our country will benefit from such policy no less than international community in general.

General comments and concerns, expressed during discussion of the bill:

- the law should include specific requirements in the field of accounting, control and monitoring of GHG emissions, to enable implementing an appropriate system in Ukraine;

- the bill contains provisions on "confidential information about emissions" which contradicts the current legislation on access to environmental information, and thus should be excluded from the bill;

- it should be clearly defined which business, industries, etc. are obliged by the bill;

- a liability for violation of legislation on monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions should be established;

- it should be determined, which legal documents and until when should be developed and adopted for a proper implementation of the bill;

- monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions should not be considered separately from the monitoring of pollutant emissions.

Prepared by M. Bulgakova