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The majority of public authorities have not established public information accounting systems regardless of the regulations on access to public information
Sunday, 09 December 2012 23:53

Among 16 ministries in Ukraine public information accounting system was established only by 4 of them. Implementation of the law on access to public information is much better among local bodies, as 17 of 24 regional administrations has established public information accounting systems.

These data were received by Expert Advisory Centre "Legal Analytics" during monitoring of the establishment of public information accounting systems, carried out under the project "Information about public figures and establishment of public information accounting systems", supported by International Renaissance Foundation. According to the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Public information accounting systems of all public authorities shall have been implemented since February 21, 2012.

In contrast, among ministries, access to public information accounting systems is only provided by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health, and among regional administrations – by the majority of administrations, but also not all of them. Local governments, for which the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision is a recommendation, have not taken steps to implement the public information accounting system, although some of them reported that they studied the possibility of introducing such systems.

According to project manager Mariana Bulgakova "about half of the monitored executive authorities, failed to take adequate measures to establish public information accounting systems, so the relevant steps are taken to oblige them to provide public access to such systems." As the expert of the center Andriy Petriv indicated: "only 8 among 21 created accounting systems can be considered as the ones that comply with the regulations, only 7 systems were established in time, and only in 13 systems the information is regularly updated ".

Thus, as the results of the monitoring, we can make a conclusion about the improper execution of the government's regulation on public information accounting systems. Therefore, during the second phase of the project "Legal Analytics" will take a set of measures to ensure public access to information, which is in the possession of public authorities.

Public information accounting systems provide public access to the information that is in the possession of public authorities, thus every citizen by keyword, date, document’s theme can view it description or apply for such a document.

For more information please contact the project manager M. Bulgakova and expert A. Petriv: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , P.O.Box 3060, Lviv-17.