Salus populi suprema lex . Marcus Tullius Cicero

Open letter

Dear visitors - representatives of human rights protection movement, members of environmental organizations and other institutions of civil society, public authorities representatives, scientists, students, friends and colleagues!

We welcome you to the informational resource of non-governmental organization Expert Advisory Centre "Legal Analytics" (EACLA), founded in 2011 in the ancient city of Lviv.

EACLA is one of the legal NGOs in Ukraine, working in the field of human rights protection, promoting democratic and legal state principles, aiming at contributing to the development of civil society and human rights protection movement in Ukraine.

The primary mission of the organization and the impetus for its founding is to facilitate changes in the Ukrainian society for the benefit of the people who are a source of power, and therefore can and should take an active position and not remain aloof from important social events.

Ukraine is a young country, which is going through difficult stages of its formation and development as a democratic legal state. We want to live in the state, which we are proud of, to have the highest officials who are concerned for the Ukrainians, who care about the society and its moral values, ideals and goals. That is why each of us must contribute to establishing and strengthening the principles of morality and justice in the lowest link of society - our families, and work for public interests to promote development of the society in the right direction, implementing the rule of law, and other democratic values. The benefits of such activities are not always seen today or the next day, and sometimes an echo of good things are measured and felt through the years, during the description of certain events by historians. But this does not mean that we should stay aside issues concerning our country, or show any signs of pessimism about the country, responsibility for which lies on each of us. One person, organization, group can make a difference, but when the number of such activists and patriots in this country grow, there will be much more opportunities for progress.

Beside domestic affairs, each of us must realize that existing global problems require immediate response and solutions. And this applies especially to environmental problems that cannot be ignored by humans. These challenges will not coexist with indifference of humans because of their hope that they will not witness negative consequences of anthropogenic impact on the environment. Therefore the environmental consciousness of the Ukrainians, the world's political leaders must be radically changed to address global environmental problems, as nobody knows which load and for how long our planet can sustain because of inadequate environmental policy of our state and the international community in general.

Unfortunately the civil movement in Ukraine doesn’t seem to be sufficiently consolidated, the state does not pay due attention to supporting the public sector, which affects the quality of activities performed, and causes a lack of adequate tools for public influence on the formation and implementation of state policy. But at the same time history knows many examples when the power and will of the people changed the course of historical events; when certain democratic principles were introduces and established. Such examples are also known in the history of the Ukrainian state. And do the Ukrainian people lack knowledge, skills, courage, ambition indeed to prove that we are spiritually rich nation, which is considered by neighbors and other states, which respects the rights and freedoms of individuals... We do not believe in that and would like to prove opposite.

The dream of becoming such a state in which we want our children to live where we want to live and work - should be implemented in our daily plans. The desire to treat the law with respect not only for fear of punishment, but because it embodies the highest good for the people should be fundamental in the work of specialists and in educating the youth.

We also have a dream, desire and purpose that the Ukrainian nation must have a high level of legal culture, political activism and environmental awareness, to be respected at the international level!

Such dreams, current problems and needs to deal with them became the impetus for establishing the Human Rights Research Center.


We invite to join us in realization of our common dreams, plans and objectives!

Best wishes                                                                          Mariana Bulgakova