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Collaboration activities
Tuesday, 26 July 2011 18:04

Expert Advisory Centre "Legal Analytics" (EACLA) cooperates with scientific institutions, governmental agencies, NGOs, international institutions and others.


State Environmental Investments Agency ( – participation in the activity of the working group on drafting the Law on regulation of anthropogenic emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases.

WG 3 "Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security" within National Platform of Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership ( membership in the Working Group, co-operation in development and implementation in Ukraine of environmental policy, policy on climate change and energy security, European integration processes in Ukraine.

Climate Action Network (CAN) ( – EACLA is a member of the network, actively cooperating with NGOs within the division of CAN of Eastern Europe and Central Asia  influencing the formation and implementation of climate change policy on national and international levels.

National Forestry University of Ukraine ( cooperation on educational activities, training and internship of students within the educational program of the EACLA.

Working Group on Climate Change ( membership in the Working Group, cooperation in climate change policy formulation and implementation in Ukraine at national and international levels, providing legal advice during the activity of the group.

Public Council to the State Agency of Environmental Investments of Ukraine ( representation of the EACLA in the Public Council to promote public participation in decision-making process during climate change policy formulation and implementation in Ukraine.

Lviv Regional Organization of the Association of Ukrainian Lawyers ( cooperation and mutual assistance in the implementation of statutory tasks of organizations, organizing and implementation of joint activities, information campaigns and projects aimed at strengthening the rule of law, building the legal state in Ukraine, raising the level of legal education and public awareness on legal issues and promotion the protection of human rights.

Network of the Advocates of the Right on Access to Information of the Media Law Institute ( – membership in the Network, cooperation in the field of protection of the right on access to information.

Civil Society Platform Ukraine-EU. Participation in working groups: "The democratic reforms, supremacy of law"; "Human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination"; "Environment".