Salus populi suprema lex . Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Aim of Expert Advisory Center “Legal Analytics (EACLA):

- Protection of human rights, public interests, and other fundamental freedoms, prevention of human rights violations; assistance in protection of the rights of individuals, legal entities and public; promotion of the human rights protection movement and advocacy.

- Assistance in civil society development, strengthening democracy, legal state, principle of rule of law, implementing the principles of international law, European standards and principles of market economy into Ukrainian legal system.

- Carrying out scientific researches, public expertise and educational activities.

- Promotion of judicial reform, assistance in the work of governmental and local authorities and combating corruption.

- Promotion of environmental protection and consumer rights protection.

Main tasks of EACLA :

- Promoting and monitoring the practical implementation of national, regional, local and international programs, projects, missions, initiatives, regulations, aimed at enhancing the protection of human and civil rights, promotion of democratic principles.

- Providing free legal aid to individuals and legal persons (including human rights protection activity in the interests of public, local communities, social groups) in realization of their rights and lawful interests.

- Promotion of legal science and education, raising public awareness on legal aspects.

- Participation in the development and improvement of legislation of Ukraine by submitting comments and suggestions, participation in relevant working groups, public hearings and using other means not prohibited by laws of Ukraine.

- Participation in decision making process and implementation of state policy under the rights granted to the public, by cooperation with state authorities, implementation of joint activities and projects, submission of relevant comments and suggestions for improving, developing and implementing public policy, participation in the public councils to governmental agencies.