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European Integration of Ukraine and civil society participation in this process - a meeting of the Ukrainian National Platform for the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
Saturday, 24 November 2012 14:30


A meeting of the Ukrainian National Platform for the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (UNP EaP CSF) took place on November 21, 2012. The conference was attended by about 80 participants - representatives of civil society organizations, academic institutions, foundations, the first Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine V. Khoroshkovskiy, EU Ambassador J. Trombitskiy and the deputy of Ukraine, Co-President of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Boris Tarasyuk. The purpose of the meeting, except of internal issues of the UNP EaP CSF, election of its national coordinator, was also discussion of Ukraine's European integration and participation of civil society in the process.

First Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine V. Khoroshkovskiy reported that Ukraine aims at signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, and there is a good chance that this agreement will be signed in the second half of 2013. The legislative fixing of the priority of the Ukraine's foreign policy towards European integration was emphasized. Mr. Khoroshkovskiy also mentioned that the government is closely monitoring the findings of civil society in the European integration process of Ukraine and expressed hope on bilateral consultations between the government and civil society, especially before publication of public monitoring results.

European Union Ambassador J. Trombitskiy stressed that democracy is measured by a variety of civic organizations in the country. Civil society is the driving force behind the approaching of Ukraine to the EU, and the public has the right to criticize the situation in Ukraine in this sphere. Mr. Trombitskiy also said that the prerequisites for Ukraine's European integration include democratic elections, judicial reform and political responsibility (accountability) - those aspects of state policy should be improved.

Co-President of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, member of Parliament of Ukraine B. Tarasyuk informed that today the opposition in Ukraine opposes the signing of the EU Association Agreement by Ukraine and Association Agreement would be signed long ago if not the present internal situation in Ukraine and failure of the authorities to comply with the EU priorities listed above by the Ambassador of the European Union. This indicates on the absence of the ambition towards European Integration of today's government, because selective political persecution in Ukraine continue to take place, and the violations during the recent elections in Ukraine added to this. Mr. Tarasyuk expressed anxiety about discussing of abolition of the committee on European integration in Ukraine's parliament. Thus he appealed to the public to analyze the political situation and form specific proposals to the authorities, using the experience and knowledge of national and international experts. It was pointed out that the European integration begins with Ukraine's internal policy, not foreign, and civil society should play an important role in this process, providing suggestions and responding to the internal situation in the country, developing solutions to existing problems.

A new coordinator of the UNP EaP CSF - Alexander Sushko (Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation), was elected during the meeting. He expressed hope for the Ukrainian National Platform not to lose the leadership in the Eastern Partnership in the civil society dimension.



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