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UN made a preliminary decision to suspend emissions trading in Ukraine
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 14:30

UN made a preliminary decision to suspend the mechanisms of international emissions trading and joint implementation projects in Ukraine. The UN Compliance Committee previously found that the national inventory of anthropogenic emissions of Ukraine did not meet international requirements. The final decision will be made in October.

If in October the Committee will make final decision that the Ukrainian inventory does not meet international requirements, the functioning of the Ukrainian registry of international emissions can be stopped for a longer period, making it impossible to implement the Kyoto flexible mechanisms: emissions trading and joint implementation.

The decision of the Compliance Committee was based on the conclusions of the UN experts, who examined a national inventory of GHG emission for 2008. The report presented the main observations: lack of transparency if the consideration of greenhouse gas emissions accounting, gaps in the field of forestry and land use, lack of energy balance of Ukraine. A number of emission sources were not named or some of them indicated as confidential data. UN experts believe that the national system of emission accounting and absorption of greenhouse gases is not sufficiently transparent, consistent, complete and accurate, as required by international rules.

"The problem with the Ukrainian inventory – is a tip of the iceberg. It arose because of the lack of collection and verification of data on emissions across all sectors. Emissions data are recorded on the basis of statistics; no one checks the actual emissions. For example, the UN noted that to 17 industrial processes emissions data are either absent or confidential. And the number of confidential data has increased from the previous periods. This further worsens the accounting of greenhouse gases"- says Christina Rudnitskaya, coordinator of the Climate Change Program of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

Ukraine ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol and has the ability to use the Kyoto flexible mechanisms. But in order to be able to trade quotas or carry out projects to reduce emissions, our state, like others, must provide transparent data on greenhouse gas emissions.

The formal decision issued by the UN can be found here

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Source: National Ecological Centre of Ukraine